Why Choose Us?

While we understand you have many choices in vending companies, we're confident that Fiesta Food Services, like a good party, is the only one you'll still be telling your friends about for years to come.

  • Employers, administrators, and business owners appreciate our reliable personalized service and lightning fast communication, not to mention the boost in productivity at their office or school and increased customer traffic in their store!
  • Employees, students, and customers enjoy convenient access to the best variety of fresh and frozen food, filtered water, custom hot and cold beverages, and delicious snacks around.

But since you asked, here are a few reasons why you should choose Fiesta Food Services:

Wide Product Selection

The ultimate party has something for everyone. That's why we're always working to procure an extensive product line that keeps everyone we serve happy as a clam (assuming clams are the content little sea creatures they've been made out to be).

  • Enough candy, gum, snacks and meal bars to satisfy a crowd from brands like Hershey's, M&M Mars, Nestle, Dentyne, Wrigley's, Lays, Sun Chips, Ritz, Nabisco, Keebler, Planters, Quaker, Clif, and more.
  • A variety of cold beverages for picky, yet thirsty guests: SOBE, Gatorade, Starbucks Frappuccinos, Aquafina water, Dole juices, Amp energy drinks, Coke, Pepsi, and other soda flavors.
  • Frozen meals, pizzas, burritos, ice cream and other treats from Tai Pai, Hormel, Michelina's, Hot Pockets, Dove, Snickers, and Butterfinger.
  • A fresh and frozen food offering that includes soft muffins, pastries, and bagels, as well as specialty salads, sandwiches, entrees, and breakfast sandwiches made by Pierre and Jimmy Dean.
  • Automatic hot beverage dispensers with menus so extensive it'd be pretty difficult to fit everything on any number of kitschy coffee shop chalkboards. We won't even attempt it!

Healthy Options

Eating healthy on the go in a world of fast food burgers and tempting candy bars is no doubt a challenge. That's why we've teamed up with NAMA to bring our customers a revolutionary health and wellness solution: The 'Fit Pick' program. Neat little stickers clearly denote snacks and drinks that meet Fit Pick's nutrition guidelines, making maintaining a balanced diet with popular brands like Quaker, Kars, Clif, Luna, Planters, Kellogg's, Dole, Bumble Bee, and V8 a no-brainer.

If you opt-in on our Fresh Food Vending Service, you'll have your pick of more substantial nutritious fare like fresh salads, fruit, and sandwiches too.

Brand New Equipment

A contract with Fiesta Food Services guarantees brand new, clean equipment delivered to your space. With 50% more spirals and flexible shelf heights for customization, our snack and beverage vending equipment allows more capacity than your average machine, yet still manages to save valuable floor space due to their unique design. But wait, there's more!

  • Our durable machines feature a dynamic user interface with LED digital displays and ergonomic coin cups.
  • Choose from a variety of eye-catching designs. We love the glass front machines for easy viewing of our vast menu.
  • Convenient single-cup coffeemakers from Keurig and top of the line brewers from Bunn, Curtis, and Gemini.
  • Advanced Kool Tek water coolers, putting a constant supply of clean, pure, and temperature controlled water at your fingertips.

Cutting Edge Technology

Technological advances are the cornerstone of Fiesta Food Services' development. The technology we put in place helps us anticipate problems and needs before they arise, turning us into veritable vending psychics!

  • No cash on hand? Now you can pay for your refreshments with a simple swipe of your credit card. We also offer prepaid Debitek card capability - a cashless solution for closed environments like universities and business campuses.
  • Wireless connectivity to your account information and vending equipment turns machine errors into automatic services calls. You don't have to call. Our technician will be there promptly.
  • Dynamic Scheduling and DeliveryMAX systems give us the luxury to restock and service your Fiesta setup on an as-needed basis, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency so we can serve you better!
  • VendMAX software enables us to stock machines based on customer preference. Top sellers in each machine remain in stock and the least-loved snacks are automatically weeded out of your inventory.

Above and Beyond Service

Every company says that they value great customer service, but only a few actually deliver it. At Fiesta Food Services, we choose to actively serve our clients instead of just passively supporting them.

  • We'll work together to establish a check-in routine that's convenient for you and keep you informed as new products and useful features become available.
  • Our staff is available any time you need us. Give us a call anytime, we're always here to help.
  • Fiesta staff complete NAMA's Quality Coffee Certificate Program, which teaches excellence in quality coffee and water service.

Professional Drivers and Technicians

Fiesta Food Services is a licensed and insured full-line vending company. We have extensive experience working with high-profile accounts. Your security and privacy are extremely important to us.

You'll recognize Fiesta staff by their official uniforms, and signature smiles. But don't let their happy-go-lucky demeanor fool you. Our highly-trained drivers and technicians are serious about knowing our product lines, delivery methods, and machine operations inside and out!

Fiesta Values: Hard Work, Honesty, Happiness

Fiesta Food Services is a business our family built from the ground up. Our strong work ethic is passed down through generations of business pioneers and our commitment to family gives us the willingness to make sacrifices all in the name of giving you our best. We've got over fifty years of vending industry experience under our collective belt and hope to remain at the forefront of the industry long enough to celebrate triple-digits!

We value all of our dedicated employees and give them room to grow within the company. In fact, our first foray into the coffee world was spearheaded by one of our original snack drivers, Charlie Norris. Charlie and the many others rising through our ranks enjoy long and fulfilling careers with Fiesta Food Services.

As members of the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA), Fiesta Food Services adheres to their strict code of ethics, promoting honesty and professionalism in our industry. NAMA shares in the importance we place on respecting ourselves and others.

Put all of these reasons together, and we've achieved our ultimate goal: to create a fun, festive, and joyful experience for ourselves and our customers.

Join the party!

Life is what you make it. So why not make it easy on your mind and your wallet with Fiesta Food Services? Contact a Fiesta representative today for your custom consultation.


  • -Brand name
  • -Healthy Options
  • -Local products


  • -Brand new
  • -State of the Art
  • -Wide selection


  • -Daily\Weekly
  • -On Weekends
  • -Line to home office for repairs and problems

Route Drivers & Techs

  • -Long term employees
  • -Uniformed
  • -Background checked
  • -Manufacturer trained
  • -Direct Sales staff QCCP certified by NAMA


  • -Credit\debit card acceptable vendors
  • -Guaranteed delivery vending systems
  • -Hand Held computers


  • -Licensed\insured
  • -High profile accounts, large and small
  • -Over fifty years in business
  • -Family owned, hands on management