Liquid Coffee by BUNN

Liquid coffee dispensers offer businesses a convenient way to serve customers without the guesswork, wait-time and mess that comes with grinding and brewing. The Bunn Liquid Coffee Ambient Dispenser pours hot coffee into individual cups or carafes for a variety of serving options. These high-output and low maintenance machines are perfect for businesses such as cafeterias, college dining halls, offices, c-stores or anywhere a high volume of coffee is served. Depending on your electrical connection, you have capacity options of 125 five-ounce cups (120 volts), 385 cups (208 volts), or 512 cups (240 volts) per hour. The Bunn Liquid Coffee Dispensers are compatible with all 1/2 gallon and most 1 gallon bag-in-box (BIB) liquid coffee concentrate containers, so you can serve your favorite brand.

PARTY FAVORS: Simple Operation In Any Environment!

The Liquid Coffee Ambient Dispenser is simple for customers to operate by placing their cup under the dispenser and pulling the dispensing handle. If you choose to set portions, they can press the "portion" button on the front of the machine, pull the dispensing handle once, and it will pour the preset amount of hot coffee into their cup. Programming LCA's various features should be reserved for employee use, as it will require a more advanced knowledge of proper coffee tastes and the machine's technical functions. However, users will be guided by the LCA's detailed manual and its easy-to-use LCD display located behind the splash guard panel out of the reach of customers. Programming temperature, flow rate, and the FlavorGard can be completed using the up and down arrows below the display.
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Bag-in-Box Compatibility The Bunn Liquid Coffee Ambient Dispenser is compatible with all 1/2 gallon bag-in-box (BIB) liquid coffee containers and most 1 gallon BIB containers. With 2 separate dispensing spouts on this machine, you can offer customers a variety of options on a daily basis. No matter what flavor, caffeine content, or brand of your liquid coffee concentrate, this Bunn machine's versatile design is ready for anything.

LCD Display The Liquid Coffee Ambient Dispenser's LCD display allows you to program the machine's features and stay aware of the machine's status at all times. The LCA will alert you when it needs to be rinsed or if the BIB is running low or empty. You can also protect the display with a password, so only certain people will be able to change the flavor and portion settings.

FlavorGard Consistency is key in commercial coffee machines. The LCA's FlavorGard system lets you set the liquid coffee concentrate to water ratio using the LCD display. A monitor inside the machine continually checks the mixture to ensure this ratio is reached, so every cup has a consistent flavor.

Multi-Volt Design This Bunn machine can meet a variety of commercial settings because it can be customized to use 120, 208, or 240 volts. With multiple electrical options, your brewing capacity has a range of 125 cups/hour (120 volts), 385 cups/hour (208 volts), or 512 cups/hour (240 volts).product/ shipping costs.

  • » The Bunn Liquid Coffee Ambient Dispenser has programmable features that are navigated by a simple LCD display, located behind the splash guard panel for employee-only use.
  • » This Bunn machine has 2 dispensing spouts, so you can offer 2 kinds of liquid coffee to meet your customer's needs.
  • » The LCA's FlavorGard system lets you set the proper ratio of liquid coffee concentrate and water, ensuring a consistent product whenever it is dispensed.
  • » The LCA allows you to customize the flow rate between 1.8 oz per second to 2.5 oz per second, so you can fill cups or carafes with ease.
  • » The LCD display on the Liquid Coffee Ambient Dispenser features programmable temperature settings, so every cup of coffee is hot and delicious.
  • » A cup tray on the Liquid Coffee Dispenser lets you put cups down to be filled, or you can flip the tray up for more room when filling airpots and carafes.
  • » The programmable Portion Control feature allows you to set the exact amount of coffee dispensed for each customer.
  • » This Bunn machine is fully plumbable, so you never need to manually refill your water supply.
  • » The Liquid Coffee Ambient Dispenser's Rinse Alarm will remind you to clean out the mixing chambers of the machine each day, ensuring the quality taste of your coffee during continuous daily use.
  • » The LCA comes equipped for 120 volt operation with a capacity level of 125 cups per hour, however it can be customized for 208 or 240 volts to increase hourly capacity up to 512 cups per hour.
  • » ETL and NSF approvals ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • » Dimensions: 30"H x 12.2"W x 24.9"D
  • » Weight: 83 lbs
  • » Dispense over 125 - 5 oz. (148 ml) cups per hour with a 120 volt, 15 amp electrical connection or over 500 - 5 oz. (148 ml) cups per hour with a 240 volt / 30 amp electrical connection.