Glasspot Brewers

Traditional glasspot brewers are a familiar and economical choice for your organization's drip coffee supply. Our Curtis glasspot models range from single burner units to stations that can warm up to five pots at a time, making multiple flavors and strengths readily available to please everyone's distinct palates.

Glasspot brewers are quick-use units that work well in high traffic private or commercial environments. The luxury of being able to brew entire pots at once makes serving an extra large group effortless. And these things can literally brew gallons per hour. Gallons!

A bonus hot water faucet mounted on the front permits the user to whip up a quick cup of tea or instant soup without interrupting the brew cycle, while a water level detection system stops short pots so you have a perfect pot every time.

Did we mention how easy they are to setup? Pour-over brewers require no plumbing expertise (or plumbing bill!). Just plug it into standard outlet and pour in water for immediate satisfaction.


ALP3GT, 3 station 1 lower 2 upper warmer, new G3 precision control technology, 120 volt 15 amp, stainless decor, stainless brew funnel, hot water faucet

  • » .5 gallon batch size capability.
  • » Brews 3.8 gallons of perfect coffee per hour.
  • » Adjustable bypass ensures perfect coffee regardless of batch size.
  • » Hot water faucet does not affect brew level.
  • » SplashGard funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand.
  • » 120/240 is a 4 wire 240 volt circuit.
  • » Electronic timer ensures fast set up and accurate brew levels.
  • » Now available - tables to help pick the correct paper filter, brew basket & wire basket for the model you are using

Curtis ALP3GTR concourse series, generation 3, automatic, low profile, digital coffee brewer, with three warmers.

  • » All digital brewing technology for simple, worry-free operation
  • » Space-saving narrow design saves valuable counter space
  • » Low profile design - fits under most cabinets and shelves
  • » This model uses a standard water line hookup
  • » Brews a full pot of coffee at the touch of a button
  • » Convenient, front-mounted faucet for on-demand hot water
  • » Use hot water for making tea, soup, hot cocoa, etc.
  • » Attractive stainless steel decor with black accents
  • » Includes a sturdy stainless steel filter basket - lasts next to forever
  • » Three (lower) warmers
  • » Automatically turns warmers off to prevent "burned" coffee
  • » Automatically prevents "cold brewing" (brewing before water is hot)
  • » Automatically controls brew strength with pre-infusion and pulse brew
  • » Built-in configurable energy saving mode - reduces costs when brewer is idle
  • » Automatically adjusts brew time to varying water pressure
  • » Automatically adjusts brew time to compensate for lime build-up over time
  • » Adjustable pot level (to fine tune how much coffee is brewed per batch)
  • » Advanced touch pad on front of machine for easily adjusting settings
  • » Built-in easy-to-see LCD shows current brewer settings at a glance
  • » Bright LCD makes brewer much simpler and easier to operate
  • » Electrical - 1800W / 120V / 15 AMPS / 2W+G
  • » Weight - 36 Lbs
  • » Dimensions - 17.125"H x 15.875"W x 16.5"D

Curtis thermal server brewer, 110V. Remarkably well designed. Its combination of revolutionised sprayhead and brew cone will give you an unequaled infusion quality by any other pour-over system. Its large capacity tank and high performance heating element allow this brewer's fast heat recuperation making it a very interesting investment. Just plug it in a 110V outlet, fill the water tank and you are ready to brew, no plumbnig required. A warning light will signal that the desired temperature as been reached.

These brewers bring exceptional convenience, value and coffee quality never before achieved by pour-over systems. The CAFE line features generous tank capacity, quick recovery heating elements and a large, wide-mouth inlet with an attached flip-open lid. These design elements together with a precisely engineered spray head and brew cone combination allow quick and thorough extraction of quality coffee flavor. Simply place the CAFE model in the desired location, pour in water and connect power. It's ready to go. A brew-ready light tells you when water has reached proper brewing temperature. This brewer has a capacity of 64 oz.