Fiesta Water Coolers: A Service Safari

Stop. Don't move. Don't make a sound. Gaze beyond your space and you'll see an oasis. Listen to the sound of water splashing over the low hum of the natives. Watch as these magnificent mammals utilize their protracted appendages to bring streams of water to their mouths and share the liquid refreshment with one another. To your surprise, one of them jumps right in for a bath!

Just like a herd of free roaming elephants gathers around a watering hole in South Africa, we humans are known to naturally congregate in a vicinity that provide a respite from the daily grind, as well as much-needed refreshment: the water cooler.

Fiesta Food Services understands the value of an appealing, high quality water service station for hydration and casual socialization. Our point-of-use water coolers from Kool Tek make access to fresh cold (or hot) drinking water an affordable reality for our customers. Because flexibility is key, you can choose between freestanding floor models or compact counter top units.

Kool Tek Coolers are tested in their natural habitat, an actual office environment, for proper functionality, efficiency, and longevity. Understanding how it will behave before we release it out into the wild is the secret to providing the finest water service to our customers.

With functional additions like coffee and food vending with Fiesta Food Services, you and everyone else at your organization will find themselves joyfully gathering around your 'watering hole' quite frequently. But, take it from us - skip the public bathing. You shouldn't learn that one the hard way!