Vending Technology

Fiesta Food Services: Veritable Vending Psychics

Some party hosts might hire a clairvoyant entertainer to read palms, deal Tarot cards, and tell their guests of a hypothetical future in order to bring something fun and unusual to the festivity. What do Fiesta representatives bring in to liven up the Fiesta Food Service experience? Our insatiable appetite for the latest and greatest in advanced technology, of course!

The innovations we implement help us anticipate problems and needs before they arise, transforming us into veritable vending psychics. These little luxuries save you time, money and frustration with no crystal ball required. Here's what we've drawn from our own deck of telepathic cards:

DeliveryMAX Hand Held Inventory Systems

Fiesta Food Services drivers and technicians are equipped with cutting-edge DeliveryMAX handhelds. These rugged, reliable, and compact computers enable them to download sales, inventory, cash, and machine data. Whether we're at our office or yours, on the road, or somewhere in between, we always have your account information literally on hand.

Doing away with piles of paper eliminates waste and confusion. And, we have to admit, these gadgets are fun to play with! They help us!

  • Take orders, print invoices, and process payments on-site.
  • Access current inventory and pricing information at our warehouse, on our trucks, and at customer locations.
  • Easily accommodate last minute route and order changes for ultimate customer convenience.

DeliveryMAX Wireless Connectivity

The fully-integrated DeliveryMAX software program works in conjunction with our handhelds and provides wireless connectivity across all platforms. Streamlining our entire operation from estimates to invoicing to driver schedules saves precious time our Fiesta representatives can use to better serve you!

Some cool features:

  • Sends Automatic Service Calls:
    In the event of an equipment error, a service request is automatically transmitted to our dependable technicians who promptly repair the problem. Possibly before you even notice it!
  • Accelerates Orders:
    Generates automatic pre-orders based on your individual needs. Special requests and product suggestions are expertly covered by your Fiesta representative.
  • Promotes Efficiency:
    Prevents food, packaging, and fuel waste by consolidating delivery and service routes, allowing us to serve up to 20% more machines in one trip.

VendMAX with Merchandiser 2.0

VendMAX and Merchandiser 2.0 software assists us with stocking machines based on customer preference, preventing any major vending faux pas like running out of your staff's favorite chips or dispensing flat soda. How embarrassing!

Thanks to this indispensible innovation, Fiesta can keep the top sellers in each of your machines coming while systematically weeding out the least-loved items and anything nearing expiration.

Since tastes, clientele, and product lines are constantly evolving, this technology is paramount in our quest to be the best vending service by cultivating a perfect combination of the right products in the right machines for the right customers.

VendMAX Dynamic Scheduling

With Fiesta, there's no inconvenience of an unexpected party guest!

Dynamic Scheduling and Delivery Max systems give us the luxury to restock and service your Fiesta setup on an as-needed basis, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

The VendMAX module calculates service schedules based on actual machine activity and sophisticated algorithms that, luckily, we don't need to know much more about (high school algebra was hard enough!). The end result is a made to measure machine schedule that precisely fits YOU.


Pre-Kitting is the definitive method of warehouse and delivery management. Based on the inventory and sales information we gather from your machines, we're able to pre-set future deliveries in compact, portable bins that are loaded onto our trucks, ready to go.

You might be thinking, Pre-set? But I thought Fiesta Food Services values personalized customer service! What gives?”

And we do. You see, Pre-kitting has set us free from the necessary evil of storing extra inventory on our trucks. With the additional room, we're easily able to meet customer demand for greater product diversity. If you call us up with a last-minute request, we can now fulfill it faster than ever before.

Pre-kitting also allows our staff to transport the entire inventory required for their visit into your building in one simple trip. This gives Fiesta representatives extra time devoted to nurturing your vending setup, suggesting ways to improve it, and meeting your unique needs.

Cashless Vending

No cash on hand? Now you can pay for your refreshments with a simple swipe of your credit card. Any of our machines can be fitted with a credit/debit card acceptor so empty pockets will never again bring the celebration to a halt.

Because we know security and flexibility are essential, Fiesta also offers prepaid Debitek card capability, a cashless solution for closed environments like universities and business campuses.

Plus, with those sweet handheld devices mentioned above, our direct delivery drivers can process credit and debit cards on site whenever you need it.

Total Cash Accountability

Speaking of cash, you can feel secure knowing that we closely monitor the exact amount of coins and bills collected from each service visit thanks to VendMAX, the undisputed accountability champion of the vending industry.

State-of-the-Art Vending Equipment

Fiesta Food Services uses only brand new, clean equipment chock full of extraordinary features (and delectable goodies) from reputable suppliers like AMS, Crane, Royal, and Vendo. Our modern lineup includes

  • Machines that support electronic platforms for seamlessly integration with our hi-tech vending systems.
  • Completely customizable equipment so we can achieve the exact appearance and product variety you're looking for.
  • LED light option reduces service costs, improves product view, and is environmentally friendly.
  • A fresh/frozen food vendor (AMS Visi-Diner) that utilizes a sophisticated climate control operation, optimized by triple-pane glass and a fully insulated body.

PARTY FAVORS: SureVend Delivery Assurance System

In the old days, a bag of cookies tangled in the spirals of a vending machine meant two things. (1) Those unattainable treats would surely taunt you for days. And (2) you would mourn the loss of yet another bill from your wallet. Today, the SureVend Delivery Assurance System's infrared technology detects whether or not your selected item is properly dispensed and guarantees your machine will make three attempts to get it right. If there is still an error, you can select an alternative or receive a prompt refund. We like to call this popular, aggravation thwarting feature our 'Happiness Assurance System'.