About Us

Life is a celebration. We infuse this sentiment into everything we do at Fiesta Food Services.

Fiesta Food Services is a comprehensive vending company serving Western Washington. We provide food and beverage amenities ranging from standard coffee pots, water coolers, and snack vending machines to luxurious full kitchen setups complete with automatic hot beverage dispensers and fresh and frozen food options (and everything in between). Our diverse clientele includes industrial sector mills and warehouses, commercial hotels, hospitals, schools, professional offices and even convenience stores.

The Fiesta Food Services team is motivated by an unending pursuit of excellence, offering only the best service and product selection to our customers at competitive prices. Our 50+ years of dedication to the business speaks for itself.

Company Timelime

1957: Bill Martin purchases Harbor Pacific Bottling Inc., marking the beginning of our long-standing commitment to family, personal relationships, high quality products, and excellent customer service.

1998: Brothers Shawn and Tim Martin team up to revolutionize a significant division the family business from the ground up. Extremely motivated, they make phone calls and knock on doors in an aggressive campaign to assemble a strong customer base. At this time, snack vending is their main offering. Ocean Beach Hospital is their first official customer.

2000: In just two years, their hard work pays off. The brothers and associates purchase their first truckload of brand new vending equipment.

2000-02: Lured by a superior service reputation and cutting edge technology, large organizations like Westport Shipyard, Grays Harbor Community Hospital, and Hoquiam High School turned to HPB for their vending needs.

2002: A growing business needs a unique identity. The Fiesta Vending Company is born!

2005: Pioneers in cashless transactions, Fiesta adopts the Debitek magnetic card reader system.

2006: Fiesta becomes one of the first vending companies to successfully streamline our process with VendMAX software and pre-kitting methods, reducing labor and waste.

2007: Fiesta Vending Company expands into the coffee business. Fiesta delivery driver Charlie Norris is promoted to salesman to run the new initiative.

2010: Fiesta offers debit card payments to customers.

2012: Fiesta implements Streamware merchandising module. Wireless 24/7 access to machines enhances inventory control and makes services calls a thing of the past.

2012: Fiesta Vending Company renames itself to Fiesta Food Services better reflecting its growing segments of business it serves and launches itslef onto the World Wide Web.

Today: Fiesta Food Services continues working hard to provide a fun, festive, and joyful experience for ourselves and our customers!


Fiesta Food Services is a proud member of the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) and adheres to the organization's strict code of ethics promoting the utmost honesty and professionalism in our industry. As we are a business that embraces change, Fiesta Food Services employees regularly earn continuing education credits through the Northwest Automatic Vending Association (NAVA).