For too many busy working professionals and students, the idea of a lunch break is reduced to taking quick bites of whatever rations are left in a nearby vending machine, in between keystrokes, and while using an open textbook as an impromptu napkin. This is no way to live! To combat the burnout epidemic, Fiesta Food Services, is bringing back one of the most undervalued and underappreciated rooms in the workplace: the break room.

Drawing your staff and students out from their cubicles and into a clean, spacious, and social environment benefits you, your people, and your business.

Good for Colleagues

Humans are not machines. Without rest, our output suffers. When our hard work yields subpar results, self-esteem goes down the tubes. We grow tired and aggravated. This often manifests itself in physical symptoms, at times forcing us to miss full workdays due to illness. Projects remain unfinished and employees unfulfilled. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right?

Giving your staff, clients, and students a bright, open space to take a breather and replenish themselves with healthful foods (and the compulsory caffeinated beverage) is like handing them a tall, hot cup of happiness. People who take time to refresh and socialize with others face-to-face are less stressed, and more energetic, resilient, and creative. The flexible, fluent, and original thinking that comes with feeling good can be indispensible to your organization's development. Furthermore, a rested staff makes better informed decisions and prioritizes efficiently.

Good for Business

Having a great break room on premises keeps your workforce close. They won't take long lunch breaks due to traffic, long lines, or plain tardiness. And they won't need to because you've given them a peaceful place to clear their heads anytime they need it. Frequent breaks and nutritious products contribute to overall health, so your production doesn't suffer when workers call out sick too often or come in late because exhaustion causes them to sleep though their alarm clock.

A well-equipped break room quickly becomes a multipurpose space. It's the perfect alternative to a stuffy, formal conference room for brainstorming new ideas and holding training sessions. Plus, everyone can enjoy office refreshments while they collaborate, keeping the potential mess confined to one area.

Give Guests a Warm Welcome

A comfortable break room functions nicely as a welcoming center for guests and visitors to the company. A clean and attractive space makes a good first impression while soothing cup of chamomile tea or a quick bite to eat may persuade your client to stay longer and conduct more business.

Don't forget, because our MicroMarkets are entirely self-service and maintained by an outside company, you don't need to pay any extra attention or operation costs to keep it up and running smoothly.

Now, shake the crumbs out of your keyboard, uncross your eyes, and take a time-out in the most innovative break room you've ever seen.