Thermal Servers

Top-of-the-line in bulk brewing, automatic thermal server coffee brewers from Curtis and Gemini are sleek, compact, loaded with advanced brewing features, and geared up to accommodate a swarm of thirsty professionals ready to do business.

These servers brew up to three batches of java at once and serve up to 24 cups at a time without having to refill. Pre-set recipe options make custom strengths kept fresh, hot, and flavorful by stainless-steel ThermoPRO™ satellite servers.

The portable satellite servers have locking lids to guard against accidental spills and color coded faucets are available to signify regular or decaffeinated coffee and tea, so no one will make the dreaded mistake of inadvertently taking decaf and when they needed a caffeine boost.


The Gemini System 120A conveniently and automatically brews 12 or 24 cups of rich, fullbodied coffee per cycle into a 36-cup insulated Satellite Server. A brew-ready light signals when water temperature is ready for the next brewing cycle. Timer can also be set to brew 24 cups at a time without refilling the brew basket. This full-featured brewer conveniently plugs into a conventional 115V wall outlet.

  • » Extension legs (as shown) are an optional item.
  • » Brews automatically in 12- or 24-cup increments
  • » Automatic timer allows brewing of 24 cups without brew basket reloading
  • » Hot water faucet lets you draw steaming hot water for tea, soups or cup meals — even during brewing.
  • » High-efficiency, double-wall insulation in each Satellite Server maintains coffee temperature for extended periods without warming. Coffee cannot deteriorate, but maintains its rich, full-bodied flavor.
  • » Locking Satellite lids guard against accidental spills.
  • » Color coded satellite faucets available for regular or decaffeinated coffee, tea.
  • » Dimensions (HxWxD) 26.5” x 9” x 16.5”
  • » 2.5 adjustable plastic legs.
  • » Oversize Stainless Steel Brew Basket (Recommended when soft water is used, decaffeinated coffee, high altitude locations, or other conditions which may cause standard brew basket to overflow.
  • » Models available: GEM-120A-10, GEM-120A-11, GEM-120A-63

Reliable superbly crafted and highly efficient the Curtis GEM-12D-19 Commercial Gemini Satellite Brewer is guaranteed to impress. This dual brewer's superior speed incredible precision and state-of-the-art features make it an ideal unit for establishment dedicated to quality and efficiency. This dual-head brewer guarantees a perfect professional-quality gourmet brew every time. Some of the features that make this machine the best in its class are: Brewing PowerThis brewing system features dual heads that simultaneously brew as many as 36 cups per head or 72 total cups. Superior speed allows for the brewing of as many as 400 cups per hour. Adjustable Consistent HeatingThe Curtis GEM-12D-10's programmable brew temperature is factory-set at 200 degrees but is easily adjusted in 2-degree increments from 170 to 204 for optimum quality and freshness.

The soft-pulse heating system offers three heat settings (low medium and high) for maintaining coffee temperature gently without burning or scorching. The temperature control easily handles three back-to-back brewing cycles. Additionally liquid level-control interface prevents element burnout. Easy UseThe GEM-12D-10's Advanced Digital System is crafted with fewer parts for easier care and reliability and it delivers precision performance every time. The front-centered touch-key control panel makes operation easy and ensures a longer working life than mechanical switches. Additionally its smooth surface membrane makes cleaning simple. Easy MaintenanceFor easy maintenance and care common parts and front access make this unit easy to service. An encapsulated control board components and switches protect against steam water and impact preserving the life and function of the machine. Easy SetupThis unit's setup is foolproof.

  • » Dual Brewing Heads Simultaneously brew up to 72 cups (36 per head)... as many as 400 cups per hour!
  • » ADS Technology - Controls are centralized on the front TouchKey Panel for easy programming and operation. Digital components means fewer, longer lasting parts for unsurpassed reliability, reduced parts inventory (branch and truck level), and easier service.
  • » TouchKey Control Panel - Easy to clean membrane lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional mechanical switches.
  • » Programmable Brew Volume - Factory set to 36 cups (1-1/2 gal.). Can be adjusted to your exact coffee needs.
  • » Programmable Brew Temperature - Factory set at 200ºF. Easily adjusted in 2ºF increments from 170º to 204ºF for optimum coffee quality.
  • » Digital Brew Counter - Senses and tracks each brew cycle. Ideal for account qualification, preventative maintenance programs, profitability reports and more.
  • » Self Diagnostic - Expedites service.
  • » Brew Cycle Water Bypass - Prevents over extraction of grounds for better tasting coffee.
  • » Soft-Pulse Heating System - Offers Low, Medium and High heat. Software control maintains coffee temperature gently. Works with ANY standard satellite.
  • » When inactive for 2 hours system reduces tank temperature to conserve energy. Recovers by pressing a button.
  • » Keeps brew temperature constant with digital accuracy to easily handle THREE back-to back brewing cycles. Plus, a liquid level control interface prevents element burnout.
  • » Deep Bed Brew Baskets/Full-Coverage Spray.
  • » Hot Water Spout
  • » Foolproof Set-Up — Eliminates element burnout during set-up! Once the water and electrical lines are connected simply turn the unit on. ADS System senses the dry probe and begins filling the tank. Only when the tank has reached the correct level will the elements energize. In minutes youre ready to brew!
  • » Dimensions: (H x W x D) 29” x 18” x 16.5”
  • » Electrical: 220VAC/1 Phase/3 Wire Plus Ground
  • » Power Requirements: 6300W/29A
  • » Water Inlet: .375” Compression
Curtis Twin Thermo Pro TP15T MORE INFO

The ThermoPro Twin TP15T is a drip coffee brewer with twin thermal dispensers. Its G3 Digital Control Module and user-friendly LCD interface gives the user full control over all aspects of the brew. The one-touch preset brew buttons can be programmed with a range of brewing specifications, including pulse brew and pre-infusion options.

The TP15T brews directly into two 1.5 gallon thermal dispensers. These portable dispensers are vacuum sealed with brew-through tops, allowing them to keep their contents hot and fresh for several hours, without a power source. The TP15T also features a hot water faucet for tea, soup, and cocoa.

Thermal brewers are a modification of the traditional drip coffee brewer. By using an insulated dispenser, brewed coffee can be kept hot and fresh for several hours, without the need for a hot plate.

  • » Dimensions: 20.3"W, 35.2"H, 16.8"D, 68 lbs
  • » Cups Per Brew: 24-32 Cups (1.5 Gal) per side
  • » Initial Brew Quality: Excellent
  • » Minutes of Freshness: Several Hours
  • » Recommended Population: 75+ People
  • » Non-Coffee Beverages: Hot Water
  • » Variety of Selections: 2
  • » Time to Brew: 5-6 Minutes
  • » Plumbed-In or Pour-Over? Plumbed-In