Airpot Servers

A modern twist on the old classic, our Curtis airpot servers share many of the same features as glasspot brewers, like water level detection, brew safety/ready lights, splashguards, and a clever hot water faucet for teas, soups, and hot cocoa that can be used while simultaneously brewing a fresh pot. But it's their advanced technology, portability, and sleek design that set them apart from the ordinary.

Vacuum insulated airpots keep coffee hot and fresh for hours, so there's no risk of serving your clients spoiled or burnt coffee. These thermal carafes are safe to handle and easily transported anywhere you need a running supply of coffee: conference rooms, coffee shops, breakfast bars, even at your personal work station! (We've had days like that, too.)

Take your pick from models with special features like an easy-to-use digital interface, automatic temperature control, and "Pre-Infusion" or "Pulse Brew" options for maximum gourmet coffee flavor extraction. Our airpot units have the ability to connect to a standard water line, or you may choose pour-over models with no plumbing necessary.


All-Digital Coffee Technology - Simple, Fully Customizable ...
The simple graphic designs and color coded, easy-to-understand buttons give you full control over your coffee brewer. You'll get all the bells and whistles - programmable display banner for your company name, adjustments for brew time, brew volume, and brew temperature, and more.

Built-In Fine Tuned Brewing Modes - The Flavor is in the Details...
Finely tuned brewing modes such as pre-infusion and pulse brew enhances extraction of gourmet coffee flavor.

Cold-Brew Lockout - Never Make Lukewarm Coffee Again...
Cold water brew lock-out prevents brewing when the temperature of the water in your brewer is not yet hot enough to brew gourmet coffee. The digital LCD display will let you know when your coffee is "Ready To Brew."

Out-of-the-Box Operation - Easier to Use Than Ever...
G3 brewers are pre-programmed with factory settings for ideal coffee results right out-of-the-box.

  • » Brews directly into vacuum insulated airpots
  • » Use airpots with a brew height of up to 14.5" tall
  • » Larger volume water tank for greater brewing capability
  • » Brewing capacity of approximately 8 batches of coffee per hour
  • » Standard batch size = 2.2L (74oz)
  • » Space-saving narrow design - only 9" wide
  • » Durable and attractive stainless steel construction
  • » Powerful heating element - reduces wait time between batches/brew cycles
  • » Green light indicates when brewer is ready to brew
  • » Alphanumeric display - shows advertising messages and machine status
  • » "Pre Infustion" and "Pulse Brew" for maximum gourmet coffee flavor extraction
  • » Digital temperature control and cold brew lockout for your convenience
  • » This model D500GT uses a standard water line hookup
  • » Brews a full batch of coffee (approximately 2.2L) at the touch of a button
Curtis Cafe1DB MORE INFO
  • » Narrow space-saving design - just 9" wide
  • » Under 17.5" tall to fit on most counters and underneath cabinets
  • » All stainless steel construction with attractive black/stainless decor
  • » Lighted rocker switch turns warmer plate on/off
  • » Bright green "ready to brew" light illuminates when the coffeemaker is ready to brew
  • » Brewing capacity of approximately 8 pots of coffee per hour
  • » This model Cafe1DB requires no plumbing - completely portable
  • » Just pour cold water in the top and coffee brews immediately
  • » Coffee pots (decanters) shown are sold separately
  • » Remember to get your coffee filters and a 12 cup water pitcher