Liquor Dispensing Systems

Liquor systems from Fiesta Food Systems can give you a total post mix package in one refrigerated cabinet. Boasting features like electronic portion controls, electronic liquid level controls, multiple pour sizes and more, these highly advanced machines offer carbonation, refrigeration, and the ability to dispense from one self contained unit. Fiesta can offer wall mount or free standing beverage dispensers which accommodate multiple brands and pre-set cocktails too! Tracking options allow you to measure consumption by "Number of Drink" or by ounces dispensed.

Profitmaster II Cabinet Unit

Profitmaster Cabinet is a self-contained liquor system that can be placed easily under any bar or in the back liquor room. This system will give you control over your top 12 selling brands. You can expect to see a significant drop of pouring costs, resulting in increased cash flow and bottom line profits. Provide consistent drink quality to all your customers, while improving your speed of service.

Bar Gun

  • » 9 3/4" Wide x 3" High x 5" Deep.
  • » 14 Button, 12 Brand Plus 2 Designated Buttons.
  • » Stainless Steel Enclosure.
  • » Sealed Switch Pack.
  • » Stainless Steel Flex Hose.
  • » L.E.D. Indicators.
Station Controller

  • » 9 3/4" Wide x 2 1/4" High x 5" Deep.
  • » Stainless Steel Enclosure With 6' Control Cables.
  • » L.C.D. Display.

  • » 3 Pour Sizes, 12 Cocktails.
  • » Low Liquor Level Warning L.E.D.
  • » Records Usage In Memory (2 Separate Files).
  • » Displays Usage In oz. Or Number Of Drinks.
  • » Automatic Pump Shut Off When Not In Use.
  • » Time Clock Operation; Can Be Programmed To Turn On And Shut Off At Specific Times.
  • » Multi-Position Key Switch To Set Various Functions And Read Out Usage.
  • » Pre-Wired Cable Between Controller & Bar Gun.