Specialty Equipment Overview

Like tortilla chips to salsa, our specialty equipment, including icemakers, visi-coolers, and iced coffee/granita machines, are the perfect complement to any office coffee, vending, and refreshment setup with Fiesta Food Services.

We give you the option to lease and service these extra special touches with Fiesta, so all you'll have to do is sit back and enjoy the party. Or at least loosen up your tie a bit.

Frozen Drink Machines

Our gourmet iced granita machine from Bunn will truly make an impact on your workers, students, and customers. Its two flavor dispensers for luscious icees, cappuccinos, and smoothies create a good first impression. The positive vibes reverberate when they discover its 3-gallon capacity provides a large serving volume and the simple touchpad display facilitates set-up, operation, and maintenance. But it's the unique reversing auger which ensures proper mixing, accelerates freeze time, and achieves the best quality treat possible that will really blow them away. Try these superior granites just once and you'll understand.

Ice Machines

Iced coffee or tea is a revitalizing change of pace from the routine steaming hot drink at the office. With more and more people jumping on the iced beverage bandwagon, an ice machine is a practical addition to your office coffee and break room. It's great for those who enjoy an extra brisk soda, juice, or ice water, too.

Visi-Coolers and Freezers

Visi-coolers feature clear glass doors and interior lighting for a properly show-cased variety of beverages and refrigerated and frozen food. The easy-view display clearly shows available refreshments and stops people from becoming refrigerator zombies in front of an open cooler door. With so many sizes and models to choose from, you're bound to find something that suits your needs.

Bagged Ice Freezers

Need ice on-to-go? No problem. At Fiesta we carry both outdoor and indoor packaged ice merchandisers offering a quick and easy solution for anyone needing for bagged ice access and storage.

Liquor Systems

Fiesta puts automatic portion control and quick, trigger-based dispensing at your fingertips with a variety of bulk beverage refrigeration and dispensing units.

PARTY FAVORS: Equipment Variety for Both Large and Small Locations

Many vending, water, coffee and breakroom providers can only offer a basic line of equipment for your refreshment needs. At Fiesta Food Services, we know that having access to higher end restaurant-style equipment is a necessity, not a luxury, for larger operations. Looking for a frozen drink machine for your convenience store? Not a problem. How about a see-through refrigerated product merchandiser? Again, no sweat. We strive to offer specialty equipment that fits each customer's needs, no matter how large or small. Now THAT'S a true party favor!